Message From The Directors

Funeral Solutions Uganda started its operations way back in 2012 on a limited scale but armed with enormous ambitions and strategic aspirations. Since its formation, we have in line with its long term objectives, expanded its operations and the results are promising.

The Directors do not take whatever has been achieved for granted. We are cognisant of the fact that we live in a competitive world and therefore all human achievements ought to be seen as the result of a noble struggle.

In pursuit of the above principle the Directors of the Company have increasingly and consistently taken keen interest in the day to day running of the organisation, with specific attention to the financial management. However, this should not be taken to mean that we have not also put strategic systems in place. It is indeed thanks to these systems that the company has grown and continues to perform today. This is testimony to the fact that these systems can support management in the everyday operations of companies, meaning they do not need to rely solely on individuals, but that the system works as a whole.


Mission: To provide Funeral, and other related services, with compassion and dignity.

Vision: To be the best Funeral Service Provider with a touch of excellence.